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The following are the major sections of this manual:


Getting Started

This gives you basic core information about the program, its setup, the license agreement, and a very broad introduction to the controls and windows you will be viewing.


ASW 9 Installation & Setup

The Data Manager is the utility you use to build your initial data files, register and update your software, to handle file indexing and maintenance, and to even edit the files directly.  This section explains all of the areas of the Data Manager and how to use them.


ASW 9 Reference

This is your "Getting Started" guide to ASW 9.  It is designed specifically to explain all of the screens you will encounter in the sequence you will use when first using the program.  It constantly points to the appropriate pages in the Reference section.  This section provides detailed descriptions of every field on every screen you will encounter in the program.


System File Structures

The structures ( name, indexes, field names, and the use for each ) of all files in the system are detailed here.  This is particularly useful when using the File Editor or if using data from copies of a file in another program.


Trouble Shooting

Based on experience, we know the most common problems which will arise.  This section will be expanded, or reduced, in accordance with the input we receive from clients.  Most information necessary to overcome your specific problems can be found in here.





The main "tree" display to the left of this text is the Contents section.  All topics are listed in an organized order.  You can browse the tree, find an appropriate topic, and click on it to open the page on the right side.



Keywords have been selected that represent topics, and placed in alphabetical order.  You can type in a word and see a list of topics that might relate.  Simply click on the topic and it will be displayed.



A dictionary is created on your system which is broader then the index option.  Type in a key word and see all entries with that work displayed.



On most pages, you will see an icon, , followed by underlined words like jump to.  Click on the underlined words to jump immediately to the referenced section in the manual.  You can read the appropriate information, and then select the Back button to return to the origination point.  These will help you find the specific reference information quickly.


Program Interface

From within the Auto Shop Writer 9 program, when you press the F1 key, the reference page from the manual that pertains to the screen you are viewing will be displayed.


Important information is placed in red.  You should pay close attention to these notes.

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